Buyer Representation

Buying a business could be a complicated process, and it can be complex stuff because of the interrelation of business, legal, and people issues. It can, however, be a rewarding process if it is the right business and you have done your homework and researched the business thoroughly.

For many business buyers, buying an existing business could be a new experience and would need lot of guidance and support. So at times we represent business buyer as their agent when they acquire business which is not represented by us from the seller side.

The main reasons to fail to buy or ended up buying bad businesses are as follows:

Most were first-time buyers and they felt overwhelmed and ill-equipped to handle business buying process.

Most businesses for sale are overpriced and have plenty of problems.

Buying the wrong business, that doesn't suits their skills, knowledge, interests, and personality.

Not doing proper due diligence. Just because a business appears to be successful, and even shows a profit, does not mean that it is not without problems.

Reasoning Business sale, not determine why the business is up for sale and what the business environment will be like once you take over.

Not doing proper Business Valuation. Business Buyers have to do a detailed analysis of the business to determine the appropriate price to pay.

Excitement or falling in love with the business, may end up paying too much for it

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