Business Teaser

What’s a business teaser? A business teaser is a document that is published to potential buyers of a business that is on sale.The teaser usually consists of brief information regarding the business. The content available in a teaser are as follows:

Industry Overview - An excerpt of the industry and environment where the company operates.

Business Description - A short info on the type of business, products or services rendered to its customers.

Location of the Business - the location of business helps the buyer to make a decision to consider purchasing a business.

Financial Information - the information provided shall be adequate for any potential buyers to understand the basic financial standpoint of the business

Purchase Motive - the details provided will allow potential buyers to understand the motive behind selling a business.

Customer Rundown - A customer rundown can worth highlighting as some buyers would like to know the customers the business is serving.

Transaction framework - the framework is for the buyer to know of what the seller is expecting. For example: A full purchase of the business, payments to be made in financial quarters, etc.

Banker(s) Information - If the sale is to be conducted by a bank or if there is an involvement of the bank with the business.

These are some of the important aspects in a business teaser, some may be applicable to your business and some may not. Every business teaser is made uniquely to each needs.